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If you have been searching for companies who buy houses fast in Jacksonville, Florida then you will definitely be excited to learn about our professional home buying organization Fast Offer Florida – a trusted local home buying company who pays cash for houses and can close as quickly as seven days.  If you are ready to get a fair cash offer on your Jacksonville house now then please give us a call or text directly at (786) 292-7144 to speak with one of our customer service representatives who will be able to provide you with a custom solution after gathering some important details about your property and current situation.

A lot of Jacksonville homeowners want the option to sell their home to a private house buying company who can close fast and purchase the property in its current condition.  This is extremely beneficial for sellers because it gives them the option to avoid going through the hassles and headaches of listing their home on the open market and being forced to make repairs and pay expensive listing fees and commissions.  Think about it, by the time you get done fixing up the house and paying the commissions you’re going to have invested thousands of dollars into the home.  If you choose to sell the property in its current condition then you can sell right away and have the cash in your hands in one week flat!

We will buy any house fast in Jacksonville in as little as one week, so please get in touch with our company by filling out the form below or by clicking on the live chat box to speak with one of our live reps immediately.  We have been buying, flipping, and reselling houses in the Jacksonville, FL market for several years now, and our company is actively seeking 2 – 3 properties per month to repair and then relist back on the open market.

Top Reasons To Sell To A Quick Sale Company

  • Fair cash offers.  Since we are professional house flippers who can close fast, we are able to provide our sellers with fair cash offers that are roughly 70% of the full market value minus the estimated cost of repairs.  This is right in the “sweet spot” for flippers and is usually only worth it to sell in this range for sellers if they own an ugly house that needs a lot of work.
  • Fast closing times.  Our house buying company can close extremely fast without any delays or complications, and we can normally close very fast – sometimes even as quickly as one week if everything goes smoothly and there are no liens on the title.
  • No real estate agents.  Since we are private cash buyers who use our own funds to pay for properties, we can close the deal without using any real estate agents or brokers of any kind.  This is a huge advantage over listing your home on the market because it cuts out the middleman and allows you to go directly to the source.
  • Sell as-is.  Selling your house to a quick sale company in its current condition is one of the fastest ways to get rid of your property without making repairs.  Since you will be selling the home to a professional property flipper, they will be the ones who will be responsible for making the repairs.
  • Stop paying monthly costs.  A lot of homeowners forget that there are a lot of monthly costs involved with maintaining a home such as taxes, insurance, and other fees.

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Who Buys Houses Fast In Jacksonville Florida?

Fast Offer Florida is the premier ugly house buying company in Jacksonville who can buy your house fast in as little as seven days without you having to invest any of your own cash into the deal to get it to the closing table.  We can have the funds deposited in escrow in under one week and have a check in your hands without any further delays.  If you are sick and tired of dealing with agents and you simply would like to cash out and alleviate the stress of dealing with your property then please give us a text or call directly at (782) 292-7144 to see how much we are willing to pay for your home.  Our customer service reps are standing by to take your call right now, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you have about our process and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Selling your house as-is in Jacksonville to a private cash buyer such as us here at Fast Offer Florida is a big decision because you are definitely going to lose a little bit of equity when compared to listing your home on the market with an agent.  But, where you lose in equity you will gain greatly in speed because we will be able to close the deal quickly without any fees or costs involved, so please consider that when you are thinking about the different options regarding this scenario.

We are the fastest house buying company who operates in Jacksonville, Florida and we pay cash for houses in 7 days without you having to invest any of your own funds into fixing the property up into it’s best condition with the intention of reselling it for a profit.  Our team of highly experienced investors will make you a fair cash offer right on the spot after analyzing your situation and property address along with an estimated cost of repairs.  We will present this cash offer to you in written or verbal form and give you some time to think it over to decide if this option might be a good fit for your current situation.

Our team is standing by right now to take your call, answer your texts, and answer your live chat questions and emails.  We have home buying techs standing by right now who can come out to your property to take a look and estimate repair costs and then make you a fair cash offer based on those numbers.  We have been looking for 2 – 3 new properties per month to fix and flip in Jacksonville, and the next step after that will be to buy more homes that need work and to invest that money into multi-family units to increase the cashflow of our investment company.

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