Daytona Beach Real Estate Market Trends 2018

Daytona Beach Florida Real Estate Market Trends

Trends in Daytona Beach show a 6% year-over-year rise in median sales price and a 4% rise in median rent per month.  The median sales price for homes in Daytona Beach from Jan 24 to Mar 20 was $140,000 based on 87 home sales.  This trend will likely continue through 2018 as more outside baby boomer money comes into the market, buying up discounted homes for the purpose of living in them during retirement.  Retirees along with Canadian and North American snowbirds are pumping prices up to higher and higher values.

We have seen some strong market appreciation taking place over this past year, and this trend will definitely continue this year into 2019 and beyond.  There are now more than 20 million people living in the state of Florida, and 2018 is already predicted to break the migration records of the previous year, so buckle up for some more appreciation.  Investors, buyers, and sellers are all foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get in on this action, because there’s plenty to go around!

Daytona Beach Florida Real Estate 2018

The average price per square foot for Daytona Beach was $116, an increase of 13% compared to the same period last year.  The median rent per month for apartments in Daytona Beach for Jul 24 to Aug 24 was $1,300.

Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Daytona Beach House?

It could be a great time to sell your Daytona Beach House for fast with the recent market appreciation that has spiked home values through the roof.  This advancement in home values has created a whirlwind of home loans being hastily written to borrowers in this hot seller’s market which is also providing great opportunities for local and out-of-state buyers.  Selling for quick cash is a good option to consider for people who have homes in various states of disrepair and don’t mind taking a bit of a hit on the sale price in order to sell in a faster timeline with more flexible terms and conditions.

Benefits Of Selling To Private Cash Buyers
  1. Faster closing times.  Unlike listing your property on the open market with a licensed real estate agent, when you sell directly to a private cash buyer such as us here at Fast Offer Florida, we close fast – oftentimes in as little as one week without you having to pay any of the closing costs, and no hidden fees.
  2. No commissions or closing costs.  Again, unlike selling your property through a licensed realtor who is actually going to put your home on the market and look for a buyer, when you sell your house directly to a cash buyer such as us there are no fees or closing costs due by you upfront to get the deal done.  We cover all costs, and there are no commissions or listing fees at all.
  3. Real cash offers.  Unlike many of the other “we buy houses” out there on the market, we actually do buy houses and we pay real cash.  Other companies rely on using “private money” or “hard money” so they don’t have the ability to close fast like we do.  They still can close fast, we won’t lie to you, but they still have some extra loopholes and approvals to get taken care of before an actual exchange of title can take place.
  4. No repairs necessary.  When you go to list your home with a real estate agent one of the first things they are going to tell you is that you must fix up the property to get the value close to other nearby homes that have recently sold in the same area.  In order to fix the home up, you’re going to be responsible for buying materials and paying contractors, so you’d better get your construction hat ready…Unless you’re ready to close now for fast cash with a private buyer such as us here.
  5. Instant free quotes.  Another great thing about dealing with a company such as ours is that we are able to make instant cash offers with only your property address and an estimated rehab budget.  You can contact us via call or text directly at (786) 292-7144 or click on the live chat box in the corner of the screen to speak with one of our live reps to get an instant quote.

Custom Contracts And Flexible Terms

One of the major reasons that homeowners choose to sell their homes directly to private cash buyers such as us here at Fast Offer Florida is that we are able to get extremely creative with our custom contracts, terms and conditions, and clauses.  We are able to execute complex custom contracts that allow the owner’s or current tenants to remain inside of the property even after the closing date.  This custom contract clause is known as a “post-closing occupancy agreement” and gives the tenants some extra time to clear out their belongings and gather their property and relocate it, even after receiving the payment for the property and exchanging the title.

Avoid Dealing With Agents In Daytona Beach

Many homeowners in Daytona Beach simply choose to list their homes on the open market with a licensed realtor.  A small percentage of sellers who are facing difficult life circumstances or high repair costs might choose to avoid dealing with agents altogether and selling the property for quick cash to a private buyer.  Our program is designed to help this small percentage of homeowners who are looking for these alternative solutions.   At the end of the day, that’s exactly what we are: an alternative solutions provider.

We are only seeking to participate in win-win scenarios with our clients where everyone in the transaction will benefit.  If the deal isn’t a good fit for you, then it’s not a good fit for us.  We aren’t interested in pressuring people to sell their home for any less than it’s worth.  Our team is 100% transparent and honest with our customers and allow them the space to make their own decisions without any outside pressure or sales BS.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our program and you want to see if your property is a good fit then please either fill out the form below or give us a call or text right now at (786) 292-7144 to speak with one of our live reps.

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