Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market Statistics January 2018

Interestingly enough, the median sales price for the Fort Lauderdale real estate market has recently shot up to $306,000 after going on a tirade with 861 home sales to kick off 2018 with a bang!  This is great news for landlords and investors who have been waiting to make money off of market appreciation, and we think that they will find it favorable once these prices skyrocket further as housing demand increases along with the stable job growth that we have witnessed throughout the market at the turn of the year.

The median sales price for homes in Fort Lauderdale for January 2018 was $306,000 based on 861 home sales. The average price per square foot for Fort Lauderdale was $253, an increase of 2% compared to the same period last year. The median rent per month for apartments in Fort Lauderdale for January 2018 was $2,175.  We will likely see trends like this continue for the rest of this first quarter, as more people buy homes in the area with retirement savings and money made off of long-term stocks & bond investments.

Ready To Cash Out And Sell Your Fort Lauderdale Home?

We buy unwanted houses in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area for up to a certain percentage of the full market value, also commonly referred to as the “after repair value”, appraised value, or other similar terminology.  Regardless of what fancy word you want to call it, we will pay you a certain percentage of the price that we are likely to be able to resell your home for once we fix it up to it’s most attractive condition and get it into an attractive place for buyers in that area to want to finance it through traditional lenders and purchase it in the standard fashion.

cash for houses in fort lauderdaleWe are the number 1 home buying company in the area, and we can close extremely fast, in as little as one week in certain scenarios that involve the most complex problems that can possibly arise in the real estate marketplace.  We work closely with a local network of agents, investors, attorneys, and other real estate professionals who can all assist us to get deals closed quickly without any delays, so you can remain confident in our ability to perform in the marketplace.

Cash For Homes In Fort Lauderdale

We can have a check in your hands in as little as one week once you have given us the specific details about your property so that we can run our specific home buying formula to accurately determine how much cash we can afford to pay, and on what type of timeline we can close.  If you are monitoring the real estate market statistics for this area, then you know that right now it’s a great time to cash out.  We can definitely make it worth it for you to sell your home to us, so feel free to reach out to us at (786) 292-7144 to get an instant cash offer without any further delays or complications like you would normally have to deal with when listing your home on the open market through a licensed real estate agent.

Reasons To Sell Fast To An Investment Company:

  • Avoid paying listing fees and closing costs.  Since we are a private investment company who can pay cash and close fast, you will be able to completely avoid paying for listing fees and closing costs throughout the entire duration of the transaction.
  • Avoid waiting around for months.  When you list your home on the open market with a realtor, you will most certainly be forced to wait because you have to allow the buyers time to view the property, make offers, get approved for financing, and many other steps that need to take place first before the closing can take place.
  • Sell in as-is condition without making repairs.  Again, since we are a private investment company who can close quickly, and we are the ones who will be performing the repairs and reselling the home, this allows you to sell it in as-is condition without you having to invest any of your own cash into the home whatsoever.
  • Avoid all of the complexities and red tape.  When you list a house on the MLS with a licensed agent, there will be a lot of waiting around while dealing with red tape, complications, and other problems that always seem to delay the process for weeks and usually months.  If you want to avoid all of these problems that normally arise, then you may want to consider selling your home privately to an investor.

Homeowners May Choose To Sell Now During This Appreciation

Now is a great time to choose to sell your property directly to a cash investor because market appreciation has increased home values across the entire city, so many people are in a great position to get a cash offer on their home and maybe even sell it for the same price they bought it for just 10 – 20 years earlier without having to wait around and list the home on the MLS with a realtor.  When you choose to sell through an agent, you will be forced to pay both the buyer’s agent and the listing agent a 3% commission each, and on top of that you will also be responsible for paying the monthly holding costs such as utilities, insurance, taxes, and other similar recurring charges that most people forget about when they are considering selling their property.

If you are ready to get a cash offer on your home right now then please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 – 48 hours to let you know exactly how much we can pay for your property, and how soon we may be able to close.  Oftentimes, we are able to close deals in as little as one week, so please keep that in mind if you are in a real hurry to sell.



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