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If you are interested in selling your house for quick cash in Sarasota Florida then please give us a call or text right now at (786) 292-7144 to get an instant free quote on your home, and find out how much cash you can get instantly by simply telling us your address and how much work the place needs to get back up to it’s highest resale value.

We are professional home buyers that have the funds to close quickly, sometimes even as fast as seven days without any fees or commissions due by you at closing.  A lot of the other “we buy houses” companies in the area will either try to have you pay for the closing costs, or will only cover half….But we here at Fast Offer Florida cover 100% of the closing costs in every single real estate transaction that we participate in.

Best Home Buying Company In Sarasota FL

We consider ourselves to be the number 1 professional home buying company who operates in the Sarasota Florida marketplace, and we will go above and beyond what our competitors are willing to do to close the transaction.  For example, we have helped our clients liquidate property such as excess personal items, cars, jewelry, bicycles, motorcycles, and other personal property that needs to be liquidated prior to selling the home.

We have seen far too many sellers delay the closing of their home due to personal property that needs to be sold off, so that’s one of the main services that we offer in order to help our clients facilitate the sale in a much more streamlined fashion.

Top Reasons To Sell For Fast Cash in Sarasota
  1. More flexible terms and conditions.  When you choose to sell your home privately to a cash buyer such as us here at Fast Offer Florida, you are able to negotiate much more flexible terms and conditions on the sale.  For instance, you can negotiate certain parts of the deal to include certain pieces of the property such as solar panels, or to not include those pieces.
  2. Much simpler closing processes.  Since we work with local title companies regularly, and we will be paying for your house using our own cash, we are able to get the deal closed on a much faster timeline than if you were to list the property on the open market using a licensed real estate agent.
  3. Avoid paying closing costs and commissions.  Perhaps the most attractive reason for selling your house privately to a real estate investor is the ability to completely avoid paying any closing costs or commissions on the sale of your home.  Since we pay cash, and there are no agents involved, you don’t have to pay any of the listing fees or commissions that usually come with taking that route.
  4. Sell the property in as-is condition.  Another major reason that sellers choose to liquidate their homes for quick cash to private investors is that house flippers will buy homes in as-is condition, and then be the ones who worry about getting them all fixed up to list on the open market at retail value.

If you are going through divorce and need to sell your house for quick cash then the following article should help you

Sarasota Florida Cash Home Buyers

companies who buy houses in sarasota floridaWe are the premier “we buy houses” company that operates in Sarasota, Florida and we purchase houses as-is using our own cash without any delays, and we also cover all closing costs.  We don’t use real estate agents, so there are no commissions, and we can even provide you with a free quote right over the phone or live chat instantly without delay.

If you decide that you’d like to move forward with our company, then the next step is to sign the appropriate purchase and sale agreements, and then set a closing date for sometime in the near future where we will consummate the sale.

Our company will usually then put an earnest money deposit down on your house that is usually around 3% of the total sale price to hold it, and so you know that we are serious.  The earnest money will then go “hard” on a certain date, meaning that after that deadline it is non-refundable, and we cannot get it back.  We are serious about our business, and we don’t make offers on a property unless we fully intend on purchasing it.  There are a lot of companies out there who simply try to put homes under contract and then sell the rights to the contract to other investors.  Our primary business is to actually buy the house ourselves, fix it up, and then relist it on the open market using our team of licensed realtors.

If you’d like to get a fair cash offer on your Sarasota Florida property today, then please fill out the form below, click on the live chat box, or give us a call or text right now at (786) 292-7144 to speak with one of our home buying specialists about your property, and what you can expect when selling quickly for cash to a “we buy houses” real estate investment company such as us here at Fast Offer Florida.

Remember, we have dealt with literally thousands of real estate transactions, and we are used to dealing with extremely complicated situations where intense decisions must be made quickly, that could impact lives for years to come.  When it comes down to the wire, and your life is on the line, you want a company who is reliable and can act fast, purchasing your home in the fastest time frame possible without any delays.

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