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We Buy Unwanted Houses Fast In Hollywood, Florida

Our team purchases unwanted, dilapidated, run-down houses that need a lot of repair work in Hollywood, FL and the surrounding area in less than one week.  We also cover all of the closing costs on each and every transaction that we participate in because our company will likely earn a nice profit after we finally rehab and resell the home on the open market.  Since we stand to earn a substantial amount of cash, we can pass those savings along to you directly upfront when the transaction closes, and that’s exactly what we do.

See, what we do is eliminate an entire step of the process, which is fixing up the home and then dealing with realtors when it comes time to list it.  On top of everything else, we will also cover all of the monthly holding costs on the transaction, allowing you to sell it off quickly without having to continue to pay the utilities and other recurring costs that normally eat your bank account alive.  By selling quickly for cash you cut a huge chunk of time out of the process…and of course, you’re going take an initial hit up front, but what it does is allows you to cash out immediately without having to pay anything further out of your own pocket.

Situations We Commonly Deal With Include:

  1. Foreclosure.  We can help homeowners who need to stop foreclosure fast in Hollywood, FL or the surrounding area by selling their homes quickly for fast cash to pay off their loans.  It’s critical that you call or text in ASAP so that we can get started before the bank auctions off the property and it’s too late!  Call or text a Foreclosure Expert now at (786) 292-7144 and get a free evaluation of your property and situation.
  2. Divorce.  Oftentimes, when a married couple decides to get a divorce one of the first things that they will decide to do is to sell off the jointly held piece of property in the shortest time frame possible.  That’s where we come in.  We can buy your house in as-is condition in 7 days using our own cash, so please fill out the form to get started on your no obligation, fair cash offer today.
  3. Moving Out-Of-State.  If you are moving out of state for work or some other reason, and need to sell your Florida house quickly for instant cash for moving expenses, purchasing another property, or what have you, then you should definitely contact us today to speak with one of our home buying representatives who can explain to you exactly how our program works in greater detail.
  4. Uninhabitable Condition.  If you have a property that is uninhabitable because it needs a ton of repair work, we can help with that situation as well.  It doesn’t matter how bad the home is, we can get our professional contracting teams access to the property and they can get started on the demolition or rehabilitation tasks as they see fit or as needed.  There is no situation that is too nasty, and we are willing to outwork the competition with our design and rebuild model of home refinishing.

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Companies Who Pay Cash And Close Fast

We are the number one “we buy houses” company in Hollywood, Florida because we actually buy houses using our own cash and we can close very quickly, oftentimes as soon as 7 days without you paying any upfront fees or closing costs.  We use strictly local, reputable title companies (who you can even pick if you’d like) so you know that there will be no “funny business” going on with the contract or deed.

Everything will be laid out in front of you openly and honestly, and we always strive to run our business with the strictest code of ethics humanly possible in this modern digital-technological era.  We still believe in building long-term personal relationships with our customers and clients, and we are actually caring people who are dedicated to the process of helping people in difficult situations on a day to day basis.  Nothing is more rewarding for us than when we help one of our customers save a home that was going into Foreclosure and prevent that negative mark from impacting their credit score, or when we buy a rental property for one of our clients who was waiting for money so they can get a surgery performed.

These are the little small things that really add up at the end of the day to make this business worthwhile.  Ready to get started with your free quote right now?  Give us a text or call at (786) 292-7144 and one of our specialists will assist you by taking down your name, address, and other important information and providing you with a cash estimate based on a variety of different factors.